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About Us



At Speak Today, Hear Forever, we are passionate about improving the quality of lives of people with speech, language and/or hearing difficulties using evidenced-based practices. We understand how demanding and busy life can be so we want to help you make sure you are not missing out on those important moments, whether it is a board meeting at work or hearing your children over the phone or being able to speak well at your next presentation.

Varsha Sewpersad is the senior audiologist/ speech therapist and practice owner at Speak Today, Hear Forever Practice (STHF), who prides herself in implementing research proven practices within all services offered by STHF. 

Having worked within hospitals, medical centres, schools, medico-legal teams and private practices in South Africa  and Dubai, Varsha has gained extensive and valuable experience within the fields of speech therapy and audiology.

Varsha qualified with her Honours Degree in the Bachelor of Communication Pathology at the University of Pretoria and further went on to obtain her Master's Degree in Audiology at the University of Witwaterstrand. Varsha is a published author and enjoys conducting research to increase her knowledge in the field. Blog Review. Varsha has been awarded membership of the Golden Key International Honour Society. 

           OUR VALUES       


Patient's Needs Comes First - At STHF, the needs of the patient will always come first before any other consideration whether it's choosing the best suited hearing aid for you or getting the correct speech therapy treatment.

Individual Treatment Approach - Every person's communication profile is as unique as a fingerprint. We therefore believe in using an individualistic approach by providing the best treatment method that matches their lifestyle needs

Total Care - We are dedicated in providing comprehensive speech and hearing treatment care from the assessments to the treatment plan using a holistic approach

Education and Counselling - Age-related hearing loss can occur from as early as 30 years of age. At STHF we are passionate about educating the public on preventative and treatment methods. The earlier the hearing or communication problem is identified, the sooner that person's quality of life can improve.

Giving back - We believe in creating impact and improvement in resource-poor communities by sharing our time and resources with those who do not have easy access to our services.


Signs of a Hearing Loss

1. Do you have difficulty hearing someone from a distance or when their back is turned?

2. Do you listen to music or watch television with the volume much louder?

3.Do you often ask people to repeat what they say?

4. Do you have alot of difficulty understanding someone when it is noisy?

5. Do you experience a ringing or buzzing noise in one or both of your ears?

Should you have answered yes to any of these questions, please contact us to book an appointment.

Our Services
Hearing Check - Ears

Hearing Screenings


A quick 15-minute procedure with a pass or refer outcome to determine the need for a full, diagnostic hearing test 

Diagnostic Hearing Tests


  • Comprehensive hearing tests for children (3 years and above) and adults.

  • It includes but is not limited to an examination of the ear canal, middle-ear  testing and determining hearing levels of sounds and speech.

  • Assessments of auditory processing skills - This provides information on how the brain processes what it hears. A difficulty of this nature may affect spelling, reading and comprehension skills.

Choosing A Hearing Aid or Hearing Device


  • A hearing aid or assistive listening device (FM System) evaluation is done to choose the correct style, type and power of the hearing aid based on your needs.

  • It includes training regarding the use, care, cleaning and maintenance of the hearing aid and provision of strategies to improve communication.

Hearing Aid - Small
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Hearing Protection

  • Eposure to sounds louder than 85dB can lead to permanent hearing loss.

  • We offer a variety of hearing protective devices.

Speech Therapy/ Teletherapy:

Children & Adults

Speech and language assessments are conducted to determine the need for therapy within the areas of:

  • Early communication intervention

  • Late Talkers

  • Language disorders

  • Articulation errors 

  • Apraxia of speech

  • Stuttering 

  • Word-finding Problems

  • Voice Projection

  • Auditory processing disorders

  • Aural rehabilitation/ Listening therapy



Clients Experiences

"I found that working with Varsha was extremely beneficial to my son. Her kind demeanour and pleasantness made him feel very comfortable. Her passion for her job and her patience with the children will make any parent feel comfortable. 


I have so much confidence in Varsha and her in depth knowledge of her field, that I got her to consult for my daughter as well. Her diagnosis has made a world of difference to both my  children. 


We are very grateful that we have had the opportunity to cross paths with Varsha as our children are excelling due to her input."

                                                          Renaida Naidoo

'We cannot thank Varsha enough for her professional and thorough, yet sensitive way of diagnosing my daughter Skyler's hearing and auditory processing challenges.

Throughout this experience Varsha has been a fantastic support. As a family we are eternally grateful and would be happy to recommend Varsha to anyone needing help with hearing and auditory problems."

Vadette Radford

“I can honestly say that because of the guidance, insight and expertise of Varsha Sewpersad, my son has made remarkable progress over the years.  He was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf and received bilateral cochlear implants at the age of 3½ years.  At the age of 5, he attended a remedial school where Varsha was one of the speech therapists and audiologists.  He had difficulties in all areas of speech and language and found it difficult to follow simple instructions.  Through Varsha’s expertise, kind and nurturing ways, I have seen how his speech and language has transformed over the years. I am very thankful for all the support and guidance that she has given us over the past few years.’'

Deshnee Moodley

"I have had issue with tinnitus for my whole life which got severe with age. I was tested by Varsha a few years ago who also found some hearing loss. She did several tests and a set of hearing aids were purchased with very little help on the tinnitus problem, which claimed to help tinnitus. We discussed the concept on ZEN sounds. I then migrated to hearing aids that supported ZEN and they have been most successful in managing to live with the problem.


Varsha has been most patient with me in tuning the hearing aids to maximum performance. We now are going through training to differentiate speech by analysis of the sounds. Quite exciting."

                                                                 Ellis Falkof


At Speak Today, Hear Forever, we strongly believe in creating impact and positive change to every individual we work with, the community and society. Hence, we participate and volunteer in community projects such as the Tshemba Foundation as well as, provide services on a Probono basis to people in need. Here are some of their reveiws: 

"Varsha is a truly dedicated practitioner and goes the extra mile for many people. A pleasure to work with."

                                                           Andrea Taljaard

"I am so glad that my mum is able to have a conversation again with me.  I can't express my gratitude towards you Varsha for helping her to hear again.  Your professional guidance on this journey has really helped my mum to gain her confidence again and put a smile back on her face.  I would recommend  anyone with hearing challenges to visit Varsha and let her help you find a solution to manage your hearing challenges."

                                                       Sharan Mansingh

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