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Does Hearing Loss lead to Dementia?

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Scientists are finding more evidence that hearing loss makes you more likely to have dementia. Studies of older adults who had lost some level of hearing loss found that they had mental decline 30% - 40% faster than average. Hearing loss can make the brain work harder forcing it to strain to hear to fill in the gaps. This causes strain on the memory center and other areas of the brain. That doesn't mean that people with hearing loss are guaranteed to have dementia, but the odds are higher. There are things that can be done to lower the chances for mental decline.

Check out these articles for more information and contact us on 079 265 0487 to book a hearing test for you or your loved one:,top%20risk%20factors%20for%20dementia.&text=Hearing%20loss%20can%20make%20the,and%20fill%20in%20the%20gaps.

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