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Myths About Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

Myth: Hearing loss only affects older people.

Fact: Hearing loss affects people of all ages, and is increasingly common in younger adults and children. 7% of the School-age population has some level of hearing loss.

Myth: Only loud noises cause hearing loss. Fact: Prolonged exposure to even moderately loud noises can lead to gradual damage of your ears. Other causes of hearing loss include a hole in the eardrum, middle-ear infections, certain illnesses, and medication.

Myth: Hearing aids will make me look older. Fact: Modern hearing aids are small, sleek and discrete. In many cases, others will never know you’re even wearing a hearing aid.

Myth: Hearing aids won’t help with hearing loss. Fact: There are hearing aids designed for all levels of hearing loss. Correct fitting procedures and follow up care will ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from the hearing aids. Consult with your audiologist to determine which style is best for you.

Myth: Hearing aids are difficult to use. Fact: Hearing aids are programmed based on your individual hearing preferences and lifestyle, and automatically adjust to different listening environments. They can wirelessly connect to entertainment and communication devices, offering flexibility and ease of control.

Myth: Hearing aids will make everything too loud. Fact: Today’s digital hearing aids have technology that allow you to hear in real-time and stabilize the background noise and enhance speech. Many hearing aids no longer need a volume control. Your audiologist will program the instrument for your individual needs.

Myth: Wearing two hearing aids is unnecessary. Fact: We have two ears for a reason: they give us directional hearing so we can localize sounds, hear better in noisy settings, and improve natural sound quality. Most types of hearing loss affect both ears equally; nine out of 10 people with a hearing impairment will benefit from wearing two hearing aids.

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