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Wax Management

- Using earbuds to clean your ear leads to impacted wax or even a burst eardrum, which is another leading cause of hearing loss.

- Wax has a tendency to move outwards along the ear canals to remove dust and bacteria . When you use an earbud, you are pushing the wax further towards the eardrum which can eventually harden and becomes difficult, even painful, to remove.

- The golden rule of thumb is ‘do not put anything smaller than your elbow into your ear!’.

- What you can do to treat a wax build-up is insert 2-3 drops of sweet oil (warmed for 10 seconds in the microwave) into each ear at night and place a large piece of cotton wool towards the outside to prevent it from seeping out.

- You can try this for 3-5 consecutive nights. This is the best natural way to remove wax.

- Alternatively, you can use Cerumol or Waxol drops before seeing a doctor or audiologist to have it removed.

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