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What Happens in a Hearing Test?

The thought of going for a hearing test might be daunting, not because of the process but because of what you might find out. There are few people who actually want hearing aids but treating your hearing loss can improve your brain health, productivity at work, quality of life and connecting with your loved ones. So what happens in a test?

1. We first have a discussion about your general health, your hearing and lifestyle.

2. The test itself is very easy and painless. Your ears will be examined for any blockages along the ear canals and if your eardrums are moving well in response to sound. You then sit in the sound booth with headphones and listen to beeps of varied loudness levels and pitch. You will be asked to repeat some words.

3. After the test is completed, I clearly explain the results so you understand what is happening with your hearing and can make an informed decision.

4. Based on the findings, I'll determine whether or not you need a hearing aid or listening device.

5. We then discuss a few solutions, with trials, that are best for your hearing profile

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