Why People Don't Get Hearing Aids and Why they Should...

1. Embarrassment - Despite Advances in technology, hearing aids still hold a stigma but most modern Hearing Aids are so sleek, they are almost invisible. Untreated hearing loss increases the risk of Dementia by 36%. You hear with your Brain and not your ears. Your audiologist can fit you with a hearing aid that best matches your needs.

2. Discomfort/Poor Fit - When a hearing aid doesn't fit well it can be uncomfortable and ineffective. A Behind-The-Ear Hearing aid may fall off continuously because the tubing that connects the aid to the ear maybe too long or the tip (dome) is too small. Contact your audiologist to change the tube length or dome size and add a hearing aid lock/ eargrip for more comfort and better access to sound.

3. No Longer Effective - Hearing levels can change over time and therefore, you would need to have it assessed every year to reprogram the hearing aids accordingly. The hearing aids also need to be regularly cleaned and serviced to ensure they are working effectively.

4. Costs - Hearing aids are now more affordable than they have ever been. If you are not on a medical aid, you can get financial aid to purchase them. Some audiologists offer a hearing aid recycling program of pre-owned hearing aids at significantly reduced costs.

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